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Ace Elite Prepaid Debit Card Account Online Services.

The Ace prepaid debit card account entail money handling services whereby users are granted access to their virtual accounts from which they can transact money. With them you are provided with debit Visa and debit MasterCard services. Their services are open to all persons and one can therefore register from their website. All you have to do for a start is log in to their site, www.aceelitecard.com and sign up for a new Ace Elite Prepaid Debit Card Account Online account under by your real names and credentials.

The Ace Elite Card Registration procedure starts from their website, where you click on the orange button that is located slightly to upper left of the page and labeled, ‘Get Card Now,’ to start off the registration procedure. Here you will be directed to a new page from the homepage. The registration requirements include provision of your name, date of birth and street address among other fine details that identify you in particular as a genuine owner of the card account. For this reason you should only provide your valid details and accurate information on the online fill-out form. Once you are through with the registration procedure what follows is validation of the submitted information.

As soon as the system identifies your details as valid, you will have an Ace account created under your names. Your MasterCard or Visa Card will also be shipped to you so you can start the Ace Elite Card Activation process. Be sure to check from your Ace Elite Card Account Log In page where activation procedure follows. Usually this will be the homepage of the site.

Activation of the Debit cards entail a process in which you will provide the card information, which is supposed to tally with the record set in the system. If it successfully goes through then your card will be activated and you thus can start enjoying their services right away.

One advantage with the Ace services is they are customized to serve you best. For one, they offer free deposits from banks, where the transacted funds show up on your card. All their services are viewable online and you thus can follow through. Secondly, they hasten their direct deposit processes by up to two days. This makes a cut for ones who have previously used other similar services which however delay up to four days.

However, be sure to read on their terms and services and ensure you are always compliant even as you continue to use their services. Should you ever hit a hitch on their services, be sure to contact the Ace Elite Card Customer Service department, which is also available online for you.

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