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Checking Your ADP Card Balance With Mycard.adp.com

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Check ADP Card Balance

ADP Cards are types of prepaid debit cards, which are provided by Visa. These cards enable users to take receipt of their pay checks via direct deposit, whether they have a bank account or not. The good thing about these cards is that they allow you to monitor your balance on the web, by accessing mycard.adp.com. Thanks to this feature, you do not have to travel to the closest ATM to discover whether your money is available on your card. Moreover, this card can be utilized for online shopping at all online retailers that accept Visa cards.

Each month, a statement is sent to you for your ADP Card. However, you should still keep tabs on your card’s available balance. This will stop you from spending too much, in the event that you use your card for online shopping. Apart from visiting mycard.adp.com to monitor your balance, you can use two other methods to stay up to date:

Checking ADP Card Balance Online

1. Firstly, visit mycard.adp.com.
2. To create your account, click “Register” and begin to use the service.
3. Create a password and username.
4. Sign in by typing your username or card number in, then input your password and click “sign in”. You will find this on the screen’s left hand side.
5. Once you click “sign in”, the site will take you to a page displaying your available card balance.

Monitoring the Balance on Your Card via Telephone

If you opt to find out your balance via telephone, rather than accessing mycard.adp.com, you just have to ring the toll free telephone number on your cell phone. The telephone number to ring is: 1-877-ADP-4231. Then, you will hear a message prompt, so do what the instructions say to acquire the details about your available ADP Card balance. Be aware that you will have to provide specific information, so ensure that your card is ready to hand, prior to calling their toll free telephone number.

Using an ATM to Check the Balance on Your Card

Apart from calling 1-877-ADP-4231 and accessing mycard.adp.com, another method for you to monitor the balance on your card is to visit your closest ATM. With this method, you just have to swipe your ADP card through the machine, and type in your PIN number. On the display menu, select the option to “check balance”, then your available card balance will be shown.

Official site: mycard.adp.com

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