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How To Apply For A GapCard Online

When you want to apply for a GapCard online, you need to know that there are two different types of cards that are available namely, gap card and gap visa card. If you like shopping in places such as the gap, Banana republic and Old Navy, this care will give you the chance to do shopping in all these stores. You can even use the card for making Gap Credit Card Online Payment.

For you to apply for the Gap card, you can do it online on their website which is www.eapply.gap.com or in person. If you apply online or in person, you can be approved or declined instantly. If you will be declined, you are going to get a letter which states the reason for not being accepted but if you are approved, your card will be mailed back to you. When you will apply for the Gap Card, you are going to automatically be considered for the Gap Visa Card and if this is not approved, you will then be considered for a regular Gap Card. You should know that making purchases with the card outside U.S, Canada and Puerto Rico does not result in getting reward points.

When you will be applying for The Gap Card, you will be required to have met the following qualifications. You should be a resident of the United States of America, have a social security number issued by the United States and be eighteen years old of age or above. You will also need to have a United States address, no bankruptcies in your credit history and you should now have been declined credit by the GE Money Bank within the last six months. If you will have all the above qualifications, you can even get a gap credit card account online. Having this online account is easy for you to be reading all your Gap Credit Card Statement.

It is essential that you know the benefits of this card before you apply for it. Gap will give you reward points when you shop with your gap Card. When you have one thousand points, you are going to get ten dollars rewards that can be spent at Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic. For every dollar you will be spending at Gap, you get five points. They also have exclusive promotions and offers. You will also get free online shipping if you order for more than one hundred dollars although restrictions apply.  In case you have any questions about Gap card, you should get in touch with Gap Credit Card Customer Service.

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