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Achieve Card Account Online

May 24th, 2013 No comments

If you want payments to you to be immediately accessible from a prepaid debit card, then you should visit and sign up for an Achieve Card Account online. Once you have everything setup, you can spend the money from your paycheck, Social Security check or Unemployment check through your Achieve Card Account Balance. Once you make an Achieve Card Account Login name and password, you can set it up so that all payments to you go straight to your Achieve card. With this setup, you will have access to your money much sooner than usual.

Other Features

You can also pay bills with your Achieve card or your Achieve account online. This card can be used at any place that requires payment by credit card. If you run out of money on this card, then you can simply use the Green Dot MoneyPak to add more. Reloading locations are everywhere so you can make use of this service at the drop of a hat.

Achieve card rewards

Just like any great credit or debit card, you get Achieve reward points for simply using your card to make credit and debit purchases. You get three times more points if you make a credit purchase where your signature is required. Also, every time you add at least $1,000 to your card or reach 30 purchases you get 1000 bonus points. By paying your monthly maintenance fee on time, you get 1000 points the first month, 2000 points the second month 3000 points the third month and so on until you’re getting 1,000 points a month for keeping your account in good standing.

Achieve rewards for using Facebook

That’s right, every time you click the  FB “Like” button for items on the Achieve rewards pages, you get five points, and for every share, you get 10 points. This one of the funnest ways to rack up points. You can contact the Achieve Card Customer Service to make sure your points are being saved correctly.

With a prepaid card that offers all that a regular credit card offers and more, why use a traditional card again? This way is much safer and totally convenient. However, if you would like to get a credit card eventually, then this is a good way to improve your credit so that future applications for credit cards are approved immediately. Visit today and make an Achieve Card Account online.

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