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Customers Can Now Use Kroger Credit Card Freely

November 24th, 2013 No comments

Customers of America’s biggest grocery chain can now use Kroger credit card freely.  In response to popular demand, the supermarket conglomerate has provided a new convenience for shoppers wanting first pick of great products and an easier buying experience.  Every member of your household is bound to begin going out of their way just for the pleasure of visiting the nearest Kroger store.  In the unlikely event that they are ever dissatisfied with any purchase, it is easier than ever to return it by simply taking it back to the location of purchase for a hassle-free, cheerful refund or merchandise credit.  In reality, Kroger has many popular subsidiaries that include Dillons, Baker’s, Soopers, and Smith’s.

Earn Kroger credit card points

Known variously as “123 Rewards MasterCard, the Kroger credit card enables each of its holders to earn cash back by accumulating points for certain transactions.    For instance, a Fred Meyer Reward Formula detailed on the back of the card reveals that its holder receives double points for each dollar of merchandise charged at any Kroger store.  This bonus does not apply to Kroger’s gas station purchases, however.  Moreover, some Kroger proprietary product brands earn buyers 3X points.  Besides all these benefits, every new cardholder receives an instant $25 discount off their initial credit purchase.

In summary, credit Kroger credit cardholders get one extra point for each dollar of merchandise charged at a Kroger store and two extra points for each dollar of Kroger-brand products charged.

What is the practical result of rewards points?

Despite a surface appeal, the reality is that point values are relatively minor.  It takes 1000 points to receive a mere five dollars in free groceries.

In addition, interest rates range between 3.99 and 23.99 percent, based on consumer credit rating.  Moreover, all balance transfers completed during the first nine months of card membership incur an interest charge of 5.99 percent.  Despite the absence of any annual fee, a surcharge is imposed for all late payments that may be as much as $35.00.

As U.S. Bank is the actual issuer of the Kroger credit card, all applicable terms and conditions of the account are nearly identical to all other U.S. Bank-issued grocery store credit cards.  This includes rebate incentives.  The only significant distinctions are the number and relative value of accumulated points.

Thus, you may now use Kroger credit card freely to earn as many free groceries as possible.  Just be sure to keep the true value of those points in proper perspective.  Visit for additional details.