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How To Get A Shell Credit Card?

May 10th, 2013 No comments

How To Get A Shell Credit Card?

Shell credit cards are great for small business owners and for large companies. The card offers an easy purchase option by which company delivery personnel and drivers can refill their gas tanks, carry out vehicle maintenance and emergency repairs and use gasoline station amenities quickly and effectively. Company owners and delivery managers can track daily expenses, delivery routes and progress all by using the same card. Getting the card is easy and the application process is simple. This is what you have to do.

Step one — Assess your requirements.  Shell is more than happy to custom-make cards to suit your requirements. But before that can be done, we recommend you list your requirements for the credit card. The company also has several different cards available for personal, small business and commercial use and you can look at them as well.

Step two — Compare terms and conditions. The website also lists the terms and conditions of each card. We recommend you compare the features and annual APR rates of each card before you fill in the application form. The rewards and cash back programs of each card will also vary considerably and you should evaluate these features as well before you choose the card.

Step three — Open an account. The website has an easy online form that you can fill in quickly. The Shell Credit Card Account Center has an online application form that you can fill in after you have opened your account. Please use a reliable email id while opening your account as the Shell Credit Card Account Online Login information will be sent to the email id for verification. Bills and payment notifications will also be sent to the same id. Once you have verified your email id, the company will go ahead with your card application.

Step four — Card approval and dispatch. Most credit card companies will approve your card application in a week or two. After your application has been approved, the card is mailed to you and you can use the card immediately. Please note that you can log into your account at any time to do Shell Credit Card Payment Online. The account will also offer ECS or automatic payment options by which you can clear payments regularly.

If you are interested in the Shell card, it’s a good idea to read through the website.